Standards of Operation

Standards of Operation

A.R. Acosta Ltd. operates its business utilizing project management regimen regardless of project or mission. These standards are applied to technical expertise, cost and schedule controls as well as administrative functions. This stems from our commitment to excellence and is aligned with the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) certification program’s guidelines. We require partners, suppliers, and subcontractors to employ identical standards within their operations. This ensures a consistency of operations and execution in support the entirety of the work effort and prime contractor accountability for clientele that can be relied upon.

Best Management Practices

Project Management doctrine – Our firm specializes in applying project management doctrine to a wide variety of industries and diverse array of business processes. As such, we integrate best management practices throughout all business processes we are responsible for each contract. Based on our experience in reengineering business processes, we evaluate and submit added value proposals for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of current operations, without deterring from meeting mission requirements.

Project Control – Our team contains experts in project and program control of all project sizes and complexity. This includes integrated cost and schedule networking, total system life cycle cost estimating, earned value management (EVMS), performance and the integration of budget and finance controls with contract management. This expertise forms the basis for our contract management and provides the reporting controls for clients to rely upon.

Engineering Regimen – Our expertise spans the life cycle of project management from conceptual planning to operations and maintenance of the completed facilities. As such, we are invested in providing engineering regimen via state-of-the-art technology to enable economies of scale and scope for all segments of the project management life cycle. This includes LEED certified designs and renovations as well as the use of Business Information Management (BIM) and Revit. These choices enable accurate and efficient integration of designs, minimize construction anomalies, and provide for client efficiencies in operations long after the job is completed. We intend to implement these standards to the extent to which engineering will be required for the completion of work under this contract.

Requirements Management and Configuration Management – Our expertise includes a commitment to supplying final designs and construction as-built documentation which facilitates efficient and cost effective operations and maintenance for the client/owner. Our mandated design formats, including the commitment to LEED, BIM and Revit, form the basis for this commitment. To the extent desired by the client, these standards will be implemented to the extent required for performance under the contract.

We partner with firms possessing enhanced and/or complimentary core competencies, who embrace our Standards of Operation and who share our values and principles, to create cohesive, communicative work environments.

A.R. Acosta provides a complete, “one-stop” solution, assembling the required expertise necessary to meet or exceed even the most stringent project requirements. Our teams are managed with rigorous application of our core project management expertise, including integrated project control and configuration management throughout the life-cycle of all projects.

Our project management methodology is based on industry best practices, focused on delivering best value propositions to all our clients. Our staffing team includes Project Management Professionals (PMPs) with a diversity of experience. As a client of A.R. Acosta Ltd., you can expect to receive a best value, quality product delivered on time, every time.