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To balance our small business with large business capabilities, we leverage internal engineering acumen and highly developed contract administration with large doses of professional project management throughout our personnel ranks, bounded and governed by a highly sophisticated information technology environment. We use advanced IT systems for project management, contract and asset management, project control, and financial reporting, utilizing cutting edge Microsoft Cloud computing, including MS Project & SharePoint for our configuration library. Our internal project control expertise includes utilization of many other project management toolsets, leveraged based on need.

We use graded approaches in applying technology and levels of sophistication to all projects, with all documentation managed and housed on devoted SharePoint sites. Quality management is focused on use of this technology with Client integration through the same site. Quality control for all work is vested in PMP certified project managers and/or site quality control personnel while financial management for all contracts is managed corporately.

Alisa Acosta, Founder & CEO

Alisa AcostaAt 15 years-old and walking to the bus stop each day, I would talk to my sister about the resort that I was going to own when I grew up.  I discussed the decorations and all the amenities of my resort.  My subscription to Fortune Magazine started my fascination with business.  As life progressed, I continued working various jobs, finishing my bachelor’s degree all while raising my child as a single parent.

By my mid-30’s, I completed my master’s degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in Hotel Management.  Following graduation, I instructed at UNLV and continued managing my property management company in California, and a part-time consulting entity that focused on creating business plans for other Nevada small businesses.

But my pursuit for further challenges didn’t stop there.

In early 2010 I applied for the SBA 8(a) program and was certified in October 2010.

The 8(a)-program challenged me to pursue a larger business and gave me the financial means to expand in and out of the federal contracting sphere. With the company’s’ 8(a) success, I was able to fulfill my dream of purchasing a private resort outside Cody, Wyoming.

Current entities, due to the success of the 8(a) program:

  • A.R. Acosta Ltd. – Established: 8(a) – October 2010. Executed 61 government contracts. (aracosta.com)
  • Outdoors in Oregon LLC dba Rogue Recreation – March 2014 as a USDA Campground Concessionaire for the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest for 8 locations near Crater Lake National Park. (RogueRec.com)
  • Outdoors in Wyoming LLC dba Yellowstone Valley Inn & RV Park purchased August 2018 as a private resort investment outside Yellowstone National Park and Cody Wyoming. (YellowstoneValleyInn.com)
  • Outdoors in Plumas LLC established January 2020 as a USDA Campground Concessionaire for the Plumas National Forest and 69 locations. (OutdoorsInPlumas.com)

Bryan Clements, Construction/Operations Manager

Bryan ClementsBryan has worked as a General Contractor professional for over 30 years on more than 400 residential, commercial, and highway projects.  He holds licensing for a Nevada A General Engineering, Nevada B General Building, Nevada C-10 Landscape, California A General Qualifier, and Utah 5-10 Excavation and Grading Qualifier.

His extensive knowledge of business operations, project management, and estimating, have made Bryan very skilled in day to day operations, project profitability, and contract negotiation. He has excellent scheduling, supervision, and management skills that bring every project in on time, on budget, with a focus on quality.

Bryan spent 20 years as a part owner in HM Byars Construction, located in Reno Nevada.  As an Owner/Operator, he was involved in over 400 projects ranging from mass excavation, pipeline, water storage tanks, sewer and treatment plants to commercial and small residential buildings.  He secured contracts and managed the estimating and construction of projects.  Oversight of management and daily operations of the business office and staff, including the estimating/ project management departments, field construction and its operations.

He holds a certificate for OSHA 30, MSHA, and a certificate for Competent Person Training for completion of Educational Training Program on FED-OSHA Trenching and Excavating Standard.

Bryan has worked as the Operations Manager for A.R. Acosta Ltd since 2014.  He also manages operations for Outdoors in Oregon LLC, Outdoors in Plumas LLC, and Outdoors in Wyoming LLC.  In this capacity he is responsible for contract negotiation, estimating, subcontractor and staff management, construction management, client interaction, and day to day operations.

Standards of Operation

A.R. Acosta Ltd. operates its business utilizing project management regimen regardless of project or mission. These standards are applied to technical expertise, cost and schedule controls as well as administrative functions. This stems from our commitment to excellence and is aligned with the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) certification program’s guidelines. We require partners, suppliers, and subcontractors to employ identical standards within their operations. This ensures a consistency of operations and execution in support the entirety of the work effort and prime contractor accountability for clientele that can be relied upon.

Best Management Practices

Project Management Doctrine
Our firm specializes in applying project management doctrine to a wide variety of industries and diverse array of business processes. As such, we integrate best management practices throughout all business processes we are responsible for each contract. Based on our experience in reengineering business processes, we evaluate and submit added value proposals for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of current operations, without deterring from meeting mission requirements.

Project Control
Our team contains experts in project and program control of all project sizes and complexity. This includes integrated cost and schedule networking, total system life cycle cost estimating, earned value management (EVMS), performance and the integration of budget and finance controls with contract management. This expertise forms the basis for our contract management and provides the reporting controls for clients to rely upon.

We partner with firms possessing enhanced and/or complimentary core competencies, who embrace our Standards of Operation and who share our values and principles, to create cohesive, communicative work environments.

Our project management methodology is based on industry best practices, focused on delivering best value propositions to all our clients. Our staffing team includes Project Management Professionals (PMPs) with a diversity of experience. As a client of A.R. Acosta Ltd., you can expect to receive a best value, quality product delivered on time, every time.

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